Hi There, I am Jasna Khan & I am happy to meet you

Are you striving for something important? or trying to make some real changes?
Is there something important in your life that you do anything to make that happen?

I asked these questions to my self long back, and my answer was absolute yes. I am ready to do anything for my freedom. I need my time for my loved once, at the same time I want to be financially independent women. Along with my full-time corporate job I started network marketing business as part time.When I took my business to online, I found my freedom. 

At the beginning of 2012 When I got my first job as an IT professional in Bangalore, India I was excited about my career and my life. I was pretty good at my work, I had a great career and good money but by the time passes I started realizing that I being stuck in an office for my precious 10 hours and another 2 hours in traffic. I really don’t have time for my loved once. In the past,  I was a social butterfly, I always surrounded by loving friends and family. My work life made me reserved and anti- social. And Life becomes very monotonous,  lost the fun of it but it took me so long to realize that. And I thought that is how life supposes to be. Being serious is maturity.

Jasna KhanIn December 2012 I married the love of my life, Ali. The transition from an irresponsible girl friend to the responsible wife was terrific. Things didn’t go the way we expected, cooking delicious food for my hubby and every night curdling each other and watching the favorite movie. Lots of picnic and party. In reality, We were living only on Weekends. Delicious home made food turn to takeaways. Picnic and party? we cuddled our gadgets and slept in our apartment. Then, There comes my son, Richu we were so happy to have him. I want to cherish all the moments with him. He made me think, is there’s more to life?

Like many women, I have also thought my job defines me & my credibility because of that I always stick to my job and monotonous life. I always wanted to be business women at the same time really scared to take the risk and afraid of failure.I was not even sure what I was thinking was right because I born in a middle-class family where everyone wanted to be an employee. No body has a business mindset, who ever started some they failed miserably.Because of my love toward entrepreneurship, I read lot  Self-development and business books, even It helped my career. But One book that completely changed my mindset is “Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki“. That completely changed my thought process towards Money, Finance, and even my goals.

It helped me to realize I was not crazy to think about business, in fact, that is one of the best ways. I started searching for different business options. I read many books and done a lot of research. Day by day things become more clear to me and my paradigm shifted from an Employee to Entrepreneur. That year I wrote on my goal list “Be an Entrepreneur and live the life style I wanted”

Think what happen? I found my business “Online Network Marketing”. One of very good friend Gitu, shown me the business plan .I was so excited this business can offer everything I ever wanted.I always wanted to do business on the field that I am passionate about. That way, I will never feel bored and it keeps me entertained. Isn’t it cool to make your Passion as your Business?

I can operate the business from the comfort of my home and the time I decided. Now I have the freedom that I wanted & Great lifestyle. I still work hard but I love what I do now than anything else. I am able to spend my time and energy for my business instead of spending that for something else and waiting for the residual pay check.The power of passive income and financial knowledge I gained over the period of time keeps me excited makes me work harder and smarter.I am in my success journey.

Along with that, I am able to help many people to achieve their dreams and life style that they desire. Watching people, who are all associated with you also achieving their dreams and succeeding in their life is a great blessing.I am so grateful that I am able to bring value to others life. I am happy and grateful.

Thank you, Let me know how can I add value to you and your business.